Feds Have ‘Significant Safety Concerns’ About Ford Fuel Leak Recall. What to Know

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DETROIT — Federal investigators accidental they person “significant information concerns” astir a Ford SUV callback repair that doesn't hole gasoline leaks that tin origin motor fires.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding volumes of accusation from the automaker arsenic it investigates the hole successful a March 8 callback of astir 43,000 Bronco Sport SUVs from the 2022 and 2023 exemplary years, and Escape SUVs from 2022. All person 1.5-liter engines.

Ford says the SUVs person substance injectors that volition crack, allowing state oregon vapor to leak adjacent blistery motor parts that tin origin fires, substance odors and an accrued hazard of injuries.

In an April 25 missive to Ford released Thursday, the agency's Office of Defects Investigation wrote that based connected its reappraisal of the callback repairs, it "believes that the remedy programme does not code the basal origin of the contented and does not proactively telephone for the replacement of defective substance injectors anterior to their failure.”

Ford’s remedy for the leaks is to adhd a drain conduit to nonstop the state distant from blistery surfaces, and a bundle update to observe a unit driblet successful the substance injection system. If that happens, the bundle volition disable the precocious unit substance pump, trim motor powerfulness and chopped temperatures successful the motor compartment. Owners besides volition get a “seek service” message.

But successful the 11-page missive to the automaker, the bureau asks Ford to item immoderate investigating it did to verify the remedy resolved the occupation and whether hardware repairs are needed. It besides asks the institution to explicate immoderate different remedies that were considered and immoderate cost-benefit investigation the institution did erstwhile it picked the fix.

Safety advocates person said Ford is trying to debar the outgo of replacing the substance injectors and alternatively spell with a cheaper hole that drains gasoline to the ground.

Ford said Thursday that it is moving with the NHTSA during its investigation.

NHTSA besides is asking ford to item however the bundle volition observe a substance unit drop, however overmuch clip elapses betwixt cracking and detection, and what messages volition beryllium sent to the driver. It besides asks what effect disabling the high-pressure substance pump has connected different substance strategy parts, and however the SUVs volition execute erstwhile the pump is disabled.

The bureau besides wants to cognize however overmuch substance volition leak and whether the magnitude complies with national biology and information standards. And it wants to perceive Ford's instrumentality connected “its obligations (legal, ethical, biology and other) to forestall and/or bounds substance leakage onto the roadway astatine immoderate constituent during a vehicle's lifespan.”

Ford has to supply accusation to the bureau by June 21, the missive said. Depending connected the results of its investigation, the bureau tin question further repairs that hole the substance leaks.

The institution has said successful documents that it has reports of 5 under-hood fires and 14 warranty replacements of substance injectors, but nary reports of crashes oregon injuries.

In a erstwhile email, Ford said it is not replacing substance injectors due to the fact that it is assured the callback repairs “will forestall the nonaccomplishment from occurring and support the customer.” The caller bundle triggers a dashboard informing airy and allows customers to thrust to a harmless location, halt the conveyance and put for service, the institution said. NHTSA documents filed by Ford accidental the occupation happens lone successful astir 1% of the SUVs.

The institution besides said it volition widen warranty sum for cracked substance injectors, truthful owners who acquisition the occupation volition get replacements. Repairs are already available, and details of the extended warranty volition beryllium disposable successful June, Ford said.

The callback is an hold of a 2022 callback for the aforesaid problem, according to Ford. The repair has already been tested connected vehicles progressive successful the erstwhile recall, and Ford said it’s not alert of immoderate problems.

The institution besides said it isn’t recommending that the SUVs beryllium parked lone outdoors due to the fact that there’s nary grounds that fires hap erstwhile vehicles are parked and the engines are off.

NHTSA said successful documents that successful the 2022 recall, which covered astir 522,000 Bronco Sports and Escapes, Ford had the aforesaid remedy arsenic the latest recall.

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