Ecofynd 2 Litre Garden Watering Can for Plants with Long Spout, Color – Orange, Size – WC3: 2 L with spout


Save: 900 (56.3%)

NARROW SPOUT: We found that we always wet the desk and floor when watering green plant in the office or at home, we hope to find a better way to change this; Plant Watering Pot with Narrow Spout can send water to the root of a plant accurately, no waste of water; With 14 cm dia and 17.8 cm depth, it is best suited for a comfortable watering.

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QUALITY ASSURANCE: Made from high quality galvanized iron sheet, treated with zinc and finished with powder coating makes it an ideal choice for a durable, strong and leak-proof water can. Quality tested to make it weather resistive and provide a longer life.

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Weight 200 kg