Handcrafted Marble Soapstone Round Printed Work Coaster,6 Plates 3.5 Inches


Handcrafted Marble Soapstone Round Printed Work Coaster?,6 Plates 3.5 Inches

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It is never too early nor too late to renovate your kitchen and dining area with a few rustic additions to complement your wooden spatulas and sun-kissed cabinets. Rusticity’s Marble Coasters come with the natural sheen of marble and the original textured designs which give your tabletops an elegant look. Specially designed to give maximum area coverage for your glasses, cups, etc., these coasters are made keeping in mind a resulting product which can take hot and cold temperatures equally well while protecting your table and table cloth from any harm. A perfect accessory to display along with your ceramic dinnerware or the genteel Opalware for a beautiful evening with your guests.
Products Dimension:3.5 Inches
Weight: 700 Grams
Set Contents: Coaster 6 Plates
Suitable for:Home Decor
Care:Handle with Care