Handcrafted Wooden chop Board for Kitchen Accessories


Product Dimension:43.18 x 33.02 x 5.59 Cm
Product Demention:1900 Grams
Suitable for:Kitchen Accessories
Set Contents:1 Wooden Chop Board
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-098


Crafted from a solid piece of Mango wood, this product is sure to last in your kitchen for years to come. Mango wood naturally has excellent durability with water and also these heavy-duty boards are curated and seasoned to give you an uncompromised quality that assures no cracking and ageing due to water. Simply wash the board with mild soap and let it dry for re-use. Now you can finally say no to plastic or metal boards since wood as a material is naturally safe and has been used in the kitchen for ages. Now Get Your Chopping Board Customised with Your Name or Any other laser engraving you like.