Handcrafted Woven Storage Basket Organizer Baby Laundry Wall Hanging Storage Baskets (Yellow, LARGE-6X11)


It can be put to use as plant cover, storage basket for magazines, toys, towels and other home decor purpose.
Products Dimension:LARGE-6X11 INCH
Set Contents:Set of 2 Basket
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACP-001

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Handcrafted Round Basket with Braided Handles. A handcrafted Cotton basket to organise your belongings like books, files, toys, electronic gadgets and similar items to keep your living spaces clutter free.This basket is sturdy, long lasting and eco-friendly. Being a handmade product, made using natural Cotton, minor variations in colour, texture and dimensions are inevitable. But we have ensured that all the baskets pass through rigorous quality check for finish and quality before being shipped. Care instructions: Wipe clean with dry cloth. Clean with brush to remove dust in nooks and corners. In case the basket gets wet, dry it under fan (or) sun dry the basket for 30 to 40 mins only. Being a natural fiber product it needs to breathe, for a longer life. Keep the basket in (open) spaces like living rooms, bedroom etc.


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