Handmade Clay Piggy Bank for Money and Coins Made up of Clay


Products Dimension:5 Inches Height
Set Contents:Set of 1 Piggy Bank
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACP-028



Black hand made Piggy Bank. Our product is free of chemicals. Piggy bank is a fun activity for kids. It also helps them in hand and eye coordination. Our products are hand made.Earthenware handmade piggy bank. Small savings make a big difference at a time. Piggy bank is handmade .Environment Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Safe for kids.Money bank cum coin holder.Earthenware bank for kids.its usefull and gaming product. Money box is the traditional name of a coin container; usually used by children. The general use of money box is to store loose change in a quaint, decorative manner.Piggy Bank Decoration continues this tradition and is one of our most popular handmade gifts for children and adults a like. Terracotta Clay Piggy bank.Handmade Black Piggy Bank for Money and coins.Environment Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Safe for kids.Earthenware bank for save Money and Coins.Beautiful Earthen Piggy Bank made of terracotta clay.