Handmade Cloth & Wood Indian Board Game


Product Dimension:60 cm , Product weight : Grams, Suitable for:Toys ,Set Contents:1 Cloth & Wood Indian Board Game, Care:Handle with Care ,Sold By:ACM-048



A Traditional Indian dice game played with 2 or 4 players. Dating back to the pages of our mythology this games (commonly known as Pachisi in Hindi) is the oldest and most played game in the country. Its beauty lies in its variations. Regionally the basic board, the dice or coins and sometimes the rules or methodology itself may differ. Different regions have given it different names which include other more familiar ones like Chaupad in Hindi; Pagade(Kannada); Parcheesi (English – USA); Sokkattan (Tamil); PagdiPat (Marathi) to name a few. There is also a belief that this game may have been a precursor to the modern day board game-Ludo. The next time you decide you want to indulge in exercising your mind in a board game; try beating your opponent in the ways of the kings by playing Chausar.