Handmade Cotton Dash Gutti Board Game Toy


Product Dimension:12.5 Inches , Product weight :300 Grams, Suitable for:Toys ,Set Contents:1 Cotton Dash Gutti Board Game, Care:Handle with Care ,Sold By:ACM-048



Ancient Living Dash Gutti board game is a game of strategy, logic, and planning. It belongs to a category of games called the Indian war games. War on the board between the red sepoys and the yellow sepoys determines the winner. Using the same skill and tactics that were used to plan out wars stimulates the mind which urges the players to develop creative thinking and leads them to victory! It requires you to capture all your opponent’s coins which needs a lot of planning and strategizing as to how to approach your opponent. These skills that are developed during this playful game become necessary life skills. Planning and strategizing are skills that you would need every day, be it planning your study timetable or running a business, these skills take priority. And what’s more interesting and easy to be able to acquire them through a full-filled game session? It develops alertness as it requires you to be observant to not miss any of your opponent?s moves. This strategy, tactic, planning, and logic teaches you to navigate life and come up with logical and rational plans in grave situations, just the way it was used in ancient times. It makes you sharper and just about ready to deal with any situation that comes knocking at your door! This ancient game is native to our country. This game aims to keep us grounded to our roots and let the future generations understand and enjoy the history of our country through these games. It is not only entertaining but also inculcates the habit of healthy competition among children. It helps in creating bonding sessions with others which are filled with fun and memories.