Handmade Raw silk and wood Ludo Board Game


Product Dimension: , Product weight :200 Grams, Suitable for:Toys ,Set Contents:1 silk and wood Ludo Board Game, Care:Handle with Care ,Sold By:ACM-048



Ashtachamma A traditional board game from the modern day Ludo. Played by up to four players and is appropriate for any age above five years. If you have had the good fortune of spending lazy summer and winter vacations in your grandparents home, this game surely must have been a part of your childhood. Our endeavor here is to revive those memories and help you create new ones with your own children and make it a family sport. A game of chase and chance, this involves your maneuvering the counters assigned to you to its fastest trip to the home square; quite like the modern day Ludo. Healthy competition and strategy are a part of this time spent on the game. Traditionally played using cowrie shells instead of dice.