Handmade Sabai Grass Door Mat 21 X 12


Material: Sabai Grass
Item Size: 12 X 21 inches
Package contents: 1 Door mat
Seller: ACR-016

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The process of weaving involves no machinery and products are completely handmade. Mostly women artisans from the agricultural community do this delicate work in their spare time. Currently there are around 1500 artisans in rural Odisha who make their living out of Sabai Grass weaving.
The weaving process begins with cutting the strands, and making appropriate bunches. Then, it is soaked in salted boiling water. If required, azo-free dyes are added at this stage. After they are thoroughly boiled, and coloroed, the bunches are left in the sun to dry. Usually, there are two patterns of weaving.

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Dimensions 21 × 12 cm