Handmade Wooden Owl Wall Clock Natungram Wooden Craving


Material: Wooden, Size: 9″ diameter 1″ thickness, Set contains: 1 Wall Clock, Seller: ACR-036, HSN Code: 950300



The artisans of Natungram have been able to retain their traditional style for centuries. Dolls are mainly made out of ?gamar? wood, mango wood, shimul wood, ata wood, chatim wood.Myriad intricate motifs and designs in multi colours are painted to adorn the creations. Bright basic colours like red, yellow, green are used liberally to decorate the dolls. They use fabric colours and oil paints for decorating the dolls. There are three to four distinct varieties of dolls found at Natungram.

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Dimensions 10 × 9 × 10 cm


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