Pineapple Shaped Fruit Bowl 14 Inches


Pineapple Shaped Fruit Bowl 14 Inches

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Use this Metal Fruit Basket in keeping your fruits and vegetables! This is a creative storage container.If you are a person who loves to eat fruits, you can always buy some at the market and display them on your dining table with the help of this basket. After buying the fruits, you can wash them properly with running water and wipe them clean. If you keep them on this container, you can grab them easily whenever you want each of your favorite fruit. Aside from that, it will look beautiful on your table. You cannot resist the tasty food when you put them together in one container. If you have the fruits in one basket, you can always see them every day.
Products Dimension: 14 Inches
Weight: 400 Grams
Set Contents:1 Fruit Bowl
Care:Handle with Care
SOLD BY:Ankit Kumar