Handmade Bamboo Pink Color Corner Basket 7 Inches


Multipurpose Small Bamboo Basket, Pure Natural Bamboo Basket



Products Dimension:7 Inches

Set Contents:Set of 1 Basket

Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting

Vare:Handle with Care

Sold By:AC-008

Multipurpose Small Bamboo Basket, Pure Natural Bamboo Basket
Bamboo natural stuff, Multi colour small baskets
Woven beautifully, Mesh design body & eco-friendly, light weight
Ideal for keeping small goodies or for decoration
Good quality, delicate handmade bamboo basket ideal for art & craft, made of natural bamboo.
Handmade bamboo products for home decor as well as daily use purposes with attractive finishing.
Handmade bamboo Basket crafted with hands unique and awesome design bamboo finish serving tray is the perfect way to present and carry a cup of tea.This is non-porous, and since it is made of premium bamboo, it has a natural antimicrobial surface which helps eliminates bad odors and prevent absorption and bacterial growth.
These products are designed and manufactured in line with the latest trends and standards of the industry. The entire range of products offered by us is very popular in the markets for their affordability and high durability nature. Our Products are hand-made and are unique example of North-eastern craftsmanship.

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