Small wall hanging woven bamboo planter


Handmade woven bamboo planter is designed keeping in mind your urban living spaces. Made out of mature bamboo procured from Northeast India. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor shaded spaces like a patio, balcony, or covered terraces. Glossy varnish applied from outside to give it a shiny look.



This handmade bamboo planter is intricately woven and beautifully cone shape. It have a curve handle on top to hang it on the wall or the ceiling. It is light in weight and easy to hang. Furthermore, it also have a bamboo lining on the sides to give it a firm support while hanging. This planter is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and thus, it can be hanged in the living room, roofed terrace, balcony, patio, etc. We varnish this with a glossy paint to make it look shinier and to increase its shelf life. The alluring conical structure of this planter makes it look unique and eye-catching. It is a trendy piece and gives a natural look to your home interiors.


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