Spice Box With Container & Spoon In Sheesham Wood – Spice Rack


Suitable for:Kitchen Accessories
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-071


Wooden Spice Box is used to store spices and it is perfect for your kitchen accessories. It is a multi-purpose box which can be used to store dry fruits, Keep jewelry and other small items. This spice box is of sheesham wood. With this Spice box add a traditional look to your kitchen accessories. Spice box can be used to store power spice or raw spices as well. Each small container can hold upto 30-32 grams of grounded spices.Do not expose directly to water. Just wipe out with soft cloth piece. Spice Box Style: Antique, Decor, Ethnic, Contemporary, Handcrafted, Unique, Casual, Elegant, Lightweight, Eco-friendly, Kitchenware.