Terracotta Table Pots Warli Handpainted MIniature Green Set Of 3 – Flower Vase


Suitable for:Table Decor
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-071



A very charming and ethnic Green earthen miniatures set of 3 in terracotta in unique shapes with handpainting of working men on the pots.The border on the top makes the set look very beautiful when decorated tastefully. You can put these on a shelf or on your side table.This set gives a vibrant look to any space. ART TYPE: Terracotta Handpainted and Handmade. NOTE: Assorted shape and size. Approx height of tappered pot is mentioned. Approx diameter of flat pot is mentioned. Dimensions : Vase 1(H * Dia) = (3.2 * 3.2) Inch , Vase 2(H * Dia) = (3.5 * 2) Inch , Vase 3(H * Dia) = (4.5 * 1.5) Inch. Colour : Green, Material : Terracotta. Art Type : Terracotta Handpainted and Handmade. Package Content : 3 Terracotta Pots