Tribal Serenity’ Dholak Shaped Terracotta Vase With Warli Hand-Painting (8 Inch)


Suitable for:Table Decor
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-071



Skilfully handmade in terracotta and hand-painted with delicate details by tribal artisans from the interiors of India, ‘Tribal Serenity’ is a beautiful vase that doubles up as an ethnic table top accessory. Inspired from the indigenous art of the Warli tribe, this vase has been hand embellished with their rustic paintings in miniature forms depicting in a classic black on white a large procession of animals, men playing instruments, groups of men dancing and enjoying themselves, bringing in the mood of a community celebration, happiness and festivities. The serene white colour of terracotta on this vase beautifully adds to it’s artistic form of a bloated and a stout black rim, embellished throughout with timeless white and black tribal scenery. The compact design, simple utility and the imperfect brush strokes with the beautiful blue on earthen terracotta, brings the earthiness of Warli tribal culture and a fragment of India’s tribal legacy to all kinds of spaces. These tales of tribal ethnicity are handcrafted with love into this product exclusively for you and your loved ones. FEATURES: – This dholak shaped vase is perfect to be put in a living room or office. Can also be used as a decorative flower vase. – Hand embellised with miniature warli painting depicting a large procession of animals, men playing instruments, groups of men dancing, bringing in the aura of festivities. – Handmade in Earthern Terracotta. – Hand-Painted in a shade of White. – Comes in the following dimensions: 8.0″ (H), 4.0″ (DIA) Inch in size. – It will definitely be a perfect piece of attraction for your guests. ART TYPE : Handmade With Warli Handpainting. MATERIAL : Terracotta DIMENSIONS : (H * DIA) = (8.0 * 4.0) Inch. COLOR : White NOTE : As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color, shape or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique. PACKAGE CONTENT : 1 Vase