Vamavarthi Shank/Blowing Shank/Sound Making Shank


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Size: 4″-5″
Sold By: ACR-044
Material: Pearl


* The voice of the conch prompts people to worship. It is believed
that wishes from the worship of conch are fulfilled. The evil spirits do
not bother with this.
* The Brahmavaivarta Purana has said that the water is cleaned by
keeping water in the conch and sprinkling it.
* By the anointing of Shiva, Lakshmi etc. by the water of the conch,
God is pleased and receives His grace.
* Scientists believe that the conch shell of many types of bacteria-
germs present in the atmosphere is destroyed by the conch shell.
*Many tests have found such results.
* For teeth. It is beneficial due to the properties of calcium, phosphorus
and sulfur in the shell.