Six Russian journalists have been detained by authorities. They include one who covered Navalny

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Authorities successful Russia person detained six journalists crossed the state this month, including a writer who covered the trials of Russian absorption person Alexei Navalny for respective years, media state enactment Reporters Without Borders said Thursday.

Antonina Favorskaya was detained and accused by Russian authorities of taking portion successful an "extremist organization" by posting connected the societal media platforms of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation, the Russian quality rights radical OVD-Info said. Navalny died successful an Arctic penal colony successful February.


Favorskaya covered Navalny’s tribunal hearings for years and filmed the past video of Navalny earlier helium died successful the penal colony. She is 1 of respective Russian journalists targeted by authorities arsenic portion of a sweeping crackdown against dissent successful Russia that is aimed astatine absorption figures, journalists, activists and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Russian authorities detained six journalists this month, including 1 who covered the trials of absorption person Alexei Navalny. (iStock)

Two different journalists, Alexandra Astakhova and Anastasia Musatova, were besides temporarily detained aft they came to conscionable Favorskaya successful the detention halfway wherever she was being held, Reporters Without Borders said, adding that their homes were searched and instrumentality seized.

Ekaterina Anikievich, of the Russian quality tract SOTAvision, and Konstantin Yarov from RusNews, were besides detained by constabulary portion covering the hunt of Favorskaya's home. Yarov was beaten by police, threatened with intersexual unit and taken to a hospital, Reporters Without Borders said. Yarov is accused of "disobedience" towards constabulary and risks 15 days of detention, the radical said.

In Ufa, 1,300 kilometers (around 800 miles) eastbound of Moscow, Russian authorities detained Olga Komleva, a newsman for RusNews, connected Wednesday. They besides accused her of extremism and engagement with Navalny and his organization, Reporters Without Borders said.

OVD-Info said that Favorskaya was initially detained connected March 17 aft laying flowers connected Navalny’s grave. She spent 10 days successful jailhouse aft being accused of disobedience towards the police, but erstwhile that play of detention ended, authorities charged her again and ordered her to look Friday successful Moscow's Basmanny District Court, OVD-Info said.


Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation has been designated an extremist enactment by Russian authorities, which means that radical associated with it perchance look situation sentences if they proceed to beryllium progressive successful its work.

Kira Yarmysh, Navalny's spokeswoman, said that Favorskaya didn't people thing connected the Foundation's platforms and suggested that Russian authorities targeted her due to the fact that she was doing her occupation arsenic a journalist.

"What darkness," Yarmysh wrote connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

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