Twins third baseman Royce Lewis displays positivity, even in face of another setback

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royce Lewis had selected a greenish and bluish three-piece suit for his first-ever large league Opening Day. He had a achromatic formal garment with a Twins logo connected the wrist to spell underneath it, arsenic good arsenic a bluish tie.

But the chilly upwind for the team’s workout time connected Wednesday psyched him out. He was tense helium would person to power his plans. Teammate Kyle Farmer assured him helium could deterioration his “swag,” arsenic helium had hoped.

He had a beauteous time, helium said, watching the pregame flyover — “that was similar a superhero movie”— arsenic helium stood successful betwixt his 2 teammates, Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton, 2 players whom helium considers his idols.

“It can’t get immoderate amended than that. I was conscionable smiling retired determination and having a large time,” Lewis said. “That’s wherefore I’m smiling and we got the triumph (4-1 implicit the Kansas City Royals) connected apical of that, truthful it’s a large Opening Day.”

Well, not rather everything was large for the 24-year-old.

The Twins’ 3rd baseman, by nature, is relentlessly positive. So adjacent arsenic helium stares down the anticipation of different injured database stint for a quad wounded suffered portion moving the bases, helium was smiling, pointing retired everything that did spell close connected Thursday.

After homering successful his archetypal at-bat, and singling successful his second, helium suffered a quad wounded moving the bases connected Thursday. He had magnetic resonance imaging done, and the Twins volition proceed to measure him. It’s a pugnacious interruption for a subordinate who doubly had anterior cruciate ligament country and besides spent clip connected the injured database with an oblique strain and a hamstring wounded past year.

“Obviously a precise hard situation, seeing him travel disconnected the tract similar that. He conscionable continues to conscionable nutrient and produce,” manager Rocco Baldelli said. “It’s beauteous amazing, actually, to travel retired present and commencement a play similar that. But we’re going to measure him, and we’ll astir apt person an update successful the adjacent time oregon two.”

After collecting his azygous successful the 3rd inning, Lewis had his caput acceptable connected scoring connected Carlos Correa’s treble to left. But arsenic helium ran, helium felt his quad commencement to tighten.

It felt similar a cramp and hours later, arsenic helium met with the media, helium said his limb felt the aforesaid arsenic it had erstwhile helium initially suffered the injury. His archetypal thought, helium said, wasn’t the pain, but alternatively that the people should person been 3-1 astatine the time, alternatively than conscionable 2-1.

“The treble felt large disconnected the bat, and past erstwhile I got to 2nd and I spot Royce, he’s hurt, you felt terrible,” Correa said. “He’s a feline that you cognize he’s an MVP candidate, and we conscionable privation him to enactment steadfast and beryllium retired determination with america each azygous nighttime if possible. You don’t privation to spot it connected the archetypal day.”

Lewis expressed alleviation that the wounded was not to his genu — and said helium was anxious to perceive much from squad doctors — to larn erstwhile helium could instrumentality to the field.

“It’s thing I can’t control, this stuff, and it’s portion of the game,” Lewis said. “I’ll travel backmost and marque things happen. We’ll person immoderate much fun.”

Correa shines

In the ninth inning, Correa’s hustle helped supply the Twins with an important security run, arsenic helium bushed the shot to the basal to let Byron Buxton to people and support the inning alive.

After dealing with plantar fasciitis astir each of past season, the shortstop was truthful excited to perceive his sprint velocity aft the crippled that helium broke into a small creation successful beforehand of his locker.

“I conscionable consciousness healthy,” helium said. “When I’m healthy, I don’t deliberation of anything.  … When thing doesn’t hurt, I’m conscionable being a shot player, I’m conscionable being an jock retired determination and trying to play and beryllium free.”

The Twins’ prima finished the time with 3 hits, driving successful 2 runs. It was a large day, the archetypal of what the Twins anticipation is galore this season.

“Obviously, it’s conscionable 1 game,” Correa said. “It’s conscionable astir being accordant with the mode you deliberation erstwhile you’re successful the batter’s box, and that’s what we’re going to effort to bash this year, beryllium accordant with 1 approach.”

Jackson relishes opener

Reliever Jay Jackson’s nonrecreational vocation started successful 2008, erstwhile helium was drafted successful the ninth circular by the Chicago Cubs. Over the years, helium has pitched for 10 antithetic organizations, and yet until Thursday, helium had ne'er been connected a large league team’s Opening Day roster.

That’s what made the time each the much peculiar for the 36-year-old reliever.

“I’m thankful and blessed and grateful to person been capable to bask this travel to this constituent and adjacent though it’s taken 17 (years), it’s been a fantastic 17,” helium said. “I wouldn’t alteration it for the world.”

The Twins signed Jackson this offseason to a large league woody — his archetypal major-league pact — aft helium enactment unneurotic a 2.12 earned-run mean crossed 29 2/3 innings for the Toronto Blue Jays past season.

“I’m truthful blessed and ecstatic to beryllium here,” Jackson said. “I’m conscionable thankful that they thought capable of maine for maine to beryllium connected this squad and thankful that they gave maine the accidental to beryllium present connected the Opening Day roster with the clump of large guys that we have.”


Non-roster invitation Daniel Duarte grabbed the past bullpen spot connected the Opening Day roster. To marque country connected the roster for him, starter Anthony DeSclafani was transferred to the 60-day injured list. … After hitting lefties good past season, Baldelli had catcher Ryan Jeffers deed 2nd successful the lineup against southpaw Cole Ragans. Jeffers said helium appreciated the “show of confidence.”  … The Twins person Friday disconnected earlier returning to play connected Saturday. Joe Ryan volition get the start.

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