When to Watch the Solar Eclipse in Chicago

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April 6, 2024 5:50 AM EDT

If the upwind cooperates—that's a large if—Chicago residents should spot a partial eclipse betwixt 12:51 p.m. and 3:22 p.m., reaching highest totality (around 94%) astatine 2:07 p.m. Naturally, the folks astatine the Adler Planetarium are acceptable to people the juncture with a escaped indoor and outdoor (weather dependent) lawsuit with amusement and acquisition planned for the day.

For the outgo of a depository ticket, astronomy enthusiasts tin cheque retired the satellite crossing the prima successful the scope courtesy of the Museum of Science and Industry. There's besides a livestream with the Museum's ain NASA Solar System Ambassador, and plentifulness of activities for families and students.

Head to Navy Pier to set sail connected on a cruise connected Lake Michigan to ticker the partial eclipse implicit the metropolis skyline. Pullman National Historical Park is besides hosting a viewing enactment with peculiar impermanent prima NASA ambassador Mark Benson and “eclipse-themed snacks.” Several of Chicago’s nationalist libraries are having eclipse-themed events, including a program to ticker the partial eclipse from the plot of the Budlong Woods branch and an interactive show astatine the South Chicago branch.

Note: The times successful this simulation mightiness disagree from different sources of eclipse information by a infinitesimal oregon two. The discrepancy is astir apt a tiny quality successful the precise determination of the calculation oregon a somewhat antithetic mode of accounting for the clip it takes the velocity of airy to question from the prima to the Earth. Read much astir our interactive here.

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