When to Watch the Solar Eclipse in Los Angeles

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April 6, 2024 5:40 AM EDT

Los Angeles volition not spot a total eclipse, but entity watchers volition beryllium capable to spot a noticeable partial star eclipse opening astatine 10:06 a.m. The satellite volition dilatory marque its mode crossed the sun, peaking astatine 11:12 a.m.

Being Los Angeles, determination are many options for dependable baths timed to the eclipse, including immoderate that are candlelit. On a akin note, Cosmic Flow, a meditation and yoga workshop, volition instrumentality spot astatine Griffith Observatory. The Observatory itself is besides hosting a live online broadcast of the full star eclipse arsenic seen from Belton, Texas. The California Science Center is hosting a escaped viewing enactment with activities and eclipse glasses. Space fans volition privation to instrumentality astir to ticker Deep Sky courtesy of the James Webb scope connected IMAX. CalTech is besides hosting an eclipse-viewing enactment with star telescopes and astrophysicists connected hand.

Several nationalist libraries successful the greater Los Angeles country are besides hosting viewing parties wherever entity watchers tin marque pinhole cameras, spy the entity done star telescopes, prime up viewing glasses, and larn astir eclipses.

Note: The times successful this simulation mightiness disagree from different sources of eclipse information by a infinitesimal oregon two. The discrepancy is astir apt a tiny quality successful the precise determination of the calculation oregon a somewhat antithetic mode of accounting for the clip it takes the velocity of airy to question from the prima to the Earth. Read much astir our interactive here.

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